Withdrawal from Rage Against the War Machine Rally

As you may know, an "antiwar" rally organized by the Libertarian Party and the People's Party is scheduled to be held this coming weekend. The LPRC initially signed up as a sponsor of this event, but as explained below we have now withdrawn from that role. In addition, our Board has adopted a resolution calling on the LNC to address the situation.

Withdrawal of LPRC Sponsorship

The LPRC is absolutely opposed to US government intervention in the politics and struggles of other nations. We were excited about the "rage against the war machine" effort and still hope that it works well as an antiwar event. We support the idea of single-issue coalitions and understand that forming and maintaining such a coalition requires working with individuals and organizations who may not share our larger goals but do align with us on the single issue at hand – in this case, state warfare. We were bitterly disappointed to see that avowedly pro-war speakers have been invited, thus corrupting the very idea of a single-issue coalition and co-opting this 'antiwar' effort into a 'pro Russia' rally. We tried to influence the process as sponsors but, having been allowed zero input in the process, have decided to withdraw our sponsorship and attend as our individual consciences dictate.


Adopted at a special meeting of the LPRC Board, 11 February 2023

Whereas, the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus has consistently proclaimed opposition to war, recognizing it as a manifestation of collectivism and a type of state action which violates the rights both of the individuals whose lives are endangered, disrupted, or ended and of the individuals who are forced to support it through taxation or conscription,

Whereas, the LPRC considers the principles of libertarianism to be applicable everywhere, specifically calling in our platform for those who agree with us to work toward achieving the same objectives in their own countries,

Whereas, the application of these universal principles means that in the ongoing situation in Ukraine we must object not only to the pursuit of war by the U.S. government, which we as Americans have an opportunity to address through political action, but also the pursuit of war by Russia, which is violating not only the rights of individuals living in Ukraine but also the rights of those in Russia who are being forced by their government to support it,

Whereas, the national LP represented the "Rage Against War" rally scheduled for 19 February 2023 as an opportunity to build a coalition among all those who share our antipathy to war, even though they may disagree on other issues, and the LPRC relied on this representation to initially support it,

Whereas, management of this rally by the national LP and other organizers has now blurred what had been a clear message which we could support, by allowing participation by some who not only do not object to war being pursued by Russia but actually praise it,

Whereas, although the LPRC has as a result withdrawn its own sponsorship, this blurred message will be seen by the media and public as representative of the Libertarian viewpoint as long as it still has the support of the national LP, harming the efforts of members of our caucus, as well as LP members aligned with other caucuses and those with no caucus affiliation, and especially those LP members running for public office,

Whereas, this harm to the Libertarian cause is the result of decisions made by and actions taken – or not taken – by the national LP in its capacity as co-organizer of the event, and so can only be corrected by the national LP,

Whereas, the LP's bylaws designate the Libertarian National Committee as the body having control and management of all the affairs, properties and funds of the Party,

THEREFORE, the LPRC calls on the LNC to correct this situation by:

(1) taking whatever steps may be necessary to ensure that the messaging from this rally is focused on and consistent with a principled anti-war position, or

(2) if that for any reason turns out to be impossible or impractical, to completely and publicly withdraw the LP's support for and association with this rally.