Policy Manual


Board Members

This document applies to board members and may be changed at will by the board through majority vote. 

Committees and Appointees

Those working in the capacity of committee chairs or board appointees are responsible for understanding this document.


The policy manual contains operational guidance for the caucus that falls outside of the scope of bylaws. Where a conflict arises between policy statements and the bylaws, the bylaws will always take precedence.


The purpose of the manual is to set expectations and ensure consistency in approach to processes as the board deems necessary.


Policies are applicable to everyone working within an official capacity in the caucus. 



All reimbursements must be authorized prior to entering into a contractual obligation for the expense. Obligations must be executed within 120 days unless explicitly stated otherwise in the authorizing motion approved by the board.

Any requests for reimbursement must be submitted within 120 days from the date that the expenditure was made, as documented on the receipt or invoice. A reimbursement not claimed within 120 days shall be treated as a donation, and the requester agrees to such disposition.

Board Meetings

Board meetings must follow an agenda and be conducted in alignment with Robert’s Rules.

Board members should be familiar with any materials circulated to the mailing list, and motions should be prepared in advance, where possible.  Board meetings should not be used as working sessions.


Board Mailing List

All board business and discussion outside of meetings is to be conducted on the public mailing list.  Mailing list membership is limited to board members only. LPRC members and the general public may review communications by web only.

Committee Communications

Committee chairs have latitude to conduct communications as they see fit.  However, committee chairs are strongly encouraged to utilize the LPRC discord server for asynchronous communications.  The Discord ensures greater transparency and continuity than informal social network chat groups.

Secretarial Records


The secretary is directed to enter only the portions of reports that are relevant to caucus business, and to summarize any verbose reports to significant actions.

If a report includes statements about affiliate activity, campaigns, or other non-caucus actions, that portion will be discarded for purposes of the minutes. If a report includes detailed discussion of committee plans, that too shall be discarded.

Board members are free to post more lengthy or detailed reports, rants, or thoughts to the mailing list or other fora.

State Coordinators

State coordinators shall promptly respond to inquiries made directly, and to notifications provided by the membership committee by making direct contact with new members, mailing list signups.


Endorsed candidates are the face of the LPRC and must embody our principles and goals. Candidates shall be endorsed as objectively as possible, based on how closely the candidate platform aligns to the LPRC platform, and where incremental measures are proposed, a mention of the ultimate destination.  Other considerations include a functional website,  professionalism, and prominent LP branding.

Committee Responsibilities

For any standing committees not defined by bylaws, and for any expectations not expressed in bylaws.


  1. The Membership Committee is to make contact as follows:
    1. Welcome new members with a copy to state coordinators
    2. Welcome new mailing list signups with a copy to state coordinators
    3. Engage with lapsed members
  2. Contact is to be initiated no more than 30 days following any of the above events.
  3. Membership may also engage in membership or volunteer recruitment efforts as the committee deems appropriate.

Information Security

Access to Database

All board members are given access to the membership database.

The board chair or the membership committee chair may grant access to the database at their discretion.. 

Shared accounts

  • Passwords for shared accounts owned by the organization must be known only to the officers, with the following exceptions:
    • Password to the google account shall be made available to designated members of the membership committee, as directed by the committee chair
    • Passwords for financial accounts must be known only to the chair and treasurer
  • Passwords must be high strength or in the form of a passphrase
  • Passwords must be rotated whenever anyone who was provided the password ceases to be eligible, as prescribed above.


  • Account privileges must be revoked where any user is no longer tasked with website, database, or mailing list maintenance as soon as possible.
  • Permissions to nationbuilder must be audited on a routine basis and any privileged permissions revoked except as prescribed above.



Revision History


Board approval date



Nov 2023

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