Become a Voting Member

Any persons who acknowledge their agreement with the Radical Caucus Key Points are eligible for non-voting membership under the Caucus Bylaws.  The Caucus additionally offers voting memberships as follows:

  • Annual Member (voting) ­ Dues of $100 annually, or $10/month; indicate agreement (via paper or online) with the stated goals of the LPRC or perform "in kind" volunteer work (see below).

You may make your one-time yearly dues payment here or set up the recurring payment here.  Please email [email protected] afterwards to advise your intent to be considered a voting member.

If you prefer to remit dues by cash, check, or Money Order, you may print out this form to accompany your donation.

Members may be asked to show proof of membership in the national and state LP at membership & Board meetings.

Note that as a federal political committee, the law requires us to ask for your full name, mailing address, and occupation and employer.

In 2016, your dues helped fund multiple radical candidates at an aggregate total of $2,208.71, and in 2017 we funded candidates for a total of $1,500.00.  This means since we formally organized in 2016 we have given $3,708.71 to candidates!

You may read our complete Bylaws here.

In-­Kind Dues

Dues may also be credited by an in­kind donation of substantial labor (instead of cash) during approved LPRC projects, such as the biennial Caucus booth at the national convention, or other projects as assigned by the Board. The in­kind donation may be for work related to bylaws­required subcommittees (such as the LPRC Platform or Bylaws committees) or projects; but generally should be outreach projects or Caucus transactions with supported candidates. To obtain credit for volunteer time, the volunteer must:

1) Seek Board approval for the proposed project prior to start;

2) Submit a full report to the Board on the project's planning and outcome; or if the project continues between Board meetings, submit reports on progress to each Board meeting, and

3) Request a statement from the chair that the requirements of the project were adequately fulfilled.

Once the requirements have been met, the Treasurer shall record the in­-kind donation and notify the Board of its completion. The member shall then be considered a Annual member until the next anniversary of the chair's statement to the Board.

State Coordinator Board Eligibility

 Vacant State Coordinator positions are filled by the Board from the voting membership.  In order to be considered for this position, the voting member must be vested with the yearly dues amount.