2021-10-16 Members Meeting

Fellow Radicals,
Please mark your calendar for the 2021 Annual Member Meeting!
The Libertarian Party Radical Caucus (LPRC) will be gathering online via Zoom for its annual Member Meeting on Saturday, October 16, 2021, beginning at 2:00 pm Eastern.
Click this link to download the Proposed Agenda: 2021Agenda
Within that Agenda, you will find additional links to the Platform Committee Report, as well as links to the current Platform and Bylaws, and other supporting documents.
While we do not elect officers at our off-year Annual Member Meeting, we do consider LPRC Platform and Bylaws changes.
All LPRC Voting Members are eligible to vote at any LPRC Member Meeting, pending their LP membership credentials check.
Voting Members are those individuals who completed making their annual donation of $100 or more at least 90 days prior (which would be July 17) to our Member Meeting **and** who have submitted proof of paid-up state and national LP dues.
Submitting your Libertarian Party membership credentials is easy. If you:
a) plan to attend the meeting, and
b) wish to be able to vote, and
c) would like to get your state & national LP membership credentials out of the way early...
... then do the following:
1) Scan (or photograph with your phone) your national LP membership card -- or your LPNews newsletter, and
2) Anything indicating your paid-up state party dues (assuming your state has dues -- a scan of your latest donation receipt to your state party will do it), and
3) Send the scan via email to: [email protected].
NOTE: If you are unsure whether you have contributed at least $100 within the year prior to July 17, 2021 (the cutoff date), please contact us, and we will lookup your donation history in the database.
To vest voting privileges in any voting member, the member must have completed payment of their annual dues or made qualified in­-kind volunteer arrangements at least 90 days prior to the call to order of the annual caucus convention. Donors paying via monthly pledge must have made at least ten payments prior to the same deadline.
The meeting will take place via the "Zoom" interface. Log into Zoom via this link: https://zoom.us/j/261719416
Call in at 1-646-876-9923, meeting ID 261719416.
NOTE: LP Radical Caucus meetings are open to LPRC MEMBERS. Nonmembers who attempt to log in will be disconnected.