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Welcome to the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus! We are a group of self-identified radicals working within the membership of the Libertarian Party (LP) who support the re-radicalization of the LP; and further to promote a clear, radical vision of libertarianism through education and electoral advocacy both within the LP and outside of it.  

We exist to celebrate and promote the Radical tradition of American Libertarian thought, to help Libertarians mature as critical thinkers when faced with doubts about the Radical Libertarian agenda, and to equip them for their efforts to reintroduce and promote radicalism within the Libertarian Party and among the general public. The LPRC endorses the Libertarian Party's Statement of Principles and the Non-Aggression Principle.

We seek a world set free in our lifetimes; no more, no less. Radical Libertarians seek a time of advancing liberty and retreating government; we seek a growing, successful Libertarian Party that is capable of winning the hearts and minds of millions of people over to liberty and justice.

The LPRC will not shy away from speaking from the "root" of libertarian thought. We believe it is futile to make Libertarian ideas "non-threatening" in order to placate the enemies of liberty. Our ideas are going to be scary to many who have considered neither their proven history nor their logical sense. Abolishing slavery was a scary thought to many in the 1800's; and the abolition of other unjust government policies now is no different. We will always seek to treat individuals as intelligent (if perhaps stubborn), competent individuals, and thus we will not fear presenting them with the "scary" libertarian ideas we have available. They must decide for themselves. Some may take years to adopt them; many will never adopt them -- but their children might. Only by treating individuals as intelligent adults will libertarianism ever succeed over the long term. While the LPRC commits to speaking for a bold, consistent, and radical libertarian agenda, we make an effort to see moderate Libertarians as our allies, not enemies. We will NOT waste time and energy and goodwill attacking them. We will fight beside them for as far as they are willing to go and be glad for the help.


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    Member Recommendations for Existing LPRC Platform

    As many of you are aware, the LPRC appointed a Platform Committee, chaired by Colorado State Coordinator, Caryn Ann Harlos, to review the LPRC Platform drafted and adopted by our members in 2016. 

    Since its inception, the Platform Committee has had only one goal: to act as a functional Copy Editor by correcting punctuation, grammar, and syntax, and ensuring fluidity of thought and content. 

    The Platform Committee is nearing the end of its assignment and will be meeting on March 04, 2017 at 10pm EDT to review their edits, en toto, and workshop their final report to submit to our membership at our upcoming Digital Convention (tentatively slated for May of 2017, specific date / time TBD by the Convention Planning Committee.) 

    Prior to this meeting, the Platform Committee is reaching out to our members to solicit them for any additions, revisions, or recommendations they might have regarding existing (or even non-existent) planks on the LPRC's platform. 

    If you have any recommendations for additional planks or suggests regarding existing planks, please let us know by emailing your recommendations to board@lpradicalcaucus.org in advance of the Platform Committee's March 04, 2017 meeting. 

    As always, the Platform Committee meeting is open to all of our membership, so if you wish to join in and share your recommendations then, email board@lpradicalcaucus.org to ensure you get a copy of our Citrix GoToMeeting log-in credentials. 

    For copies of previous minutes and discussions held by the Platform Committee, go here

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    State Coordinators: Tips for Growing Your State Radical Caucus

    by Marc Montoni

    Why would anyone want to be an LPRC State Coordinator?

    Well, let's put it this way: Are you satisfied with always being outnumbered at the convention, by people who want to put a muzzle on you? Are you satisfied with atrocious candidates who run as "Libertarians" but who couldn't name an actual LIBERTARIAN position to save their life? Are you satisfied with atrocious candidates who run as "Libertarians" but who fraudulently promote things like sales taxes, chasing foreign warlords, and doing violence to the right of free association as supposedly "libertarian" positions?

    Well, those things are going to continue unless we change our numbers drastically.

    Being an LPRC State Coordinator is not intended to be just a nice title with no expectations or responsibility. It's not a reward for calling oneself a "Radical Libertarian".

    It's a WORK position, intended to change our numbers.

    As outlined in our bylaws [Section 6(c)], State Coordinators are responsible for:

    - promoting radical libertarianism and a radical vision for the Libertarian Party;

    - recruiting additional members to the LPRC;

    - recommending the formal endorsement by the LPRC Board of suitable candidates (for internal LP positions as well as for public office) in their state.

    Being appointed as a state coordinator for the Radical Caucus is not just a path to get a vote on Board matters.

    It means work.

    It means you are expected to recruit more members to the caucus each year and every year. It means you are expected to help us find the GOOD candidates for office. It means you are expected to guide the increase in Radical participation in your state party.

    In short, it means you are expected to be one of 50 or more catalysts to re-radicalize the Libertarian Party.

    You will be given a copy of LPRC members and prospective members in your state. Every one of those people in your state needs to be contacted on a monthly basis, preferably via some form of *personal* contact, such as a letter bearing a hand-written signature, or a phone call.

    Personal contact does not need to be complicated:


    "Hi Joe, this is Jim Bob with the Pennsylvania Radical Caucus. Were you planning to attend the LPPA state committee meeting this Saturday?

    "In case you're interested, they have a position on the LPPA Platform Committee they will be filling, and I'd love to see a radical apply for it. By the way, I see that you're only one step away from being a full voting member in the LPRC. Would you like to make your support official by donating today?"

    If your state caucus has a FB page, monthly send out a general "become a voting member" invitation, and directly message new likes asking them to join.

    We already have a "general discussion group", so keep your state page more to radical business within your state. We need action much more than discussion!

    The state caucus should be working to set the tone for their state party in terms of messaging. The LP has been largely overrun by Libertarian Lite advocates who think we must never talk about private roads, private police, and abolishing the income tax. The reason that messaging has infested the LP is because THAT'S WHO SHOWS UP.

    Your job as a state coordinator for the LPRC is to get radical libertarians to **show up** in greater numbers at state & local LP events. The ONLY way to make that happen is for YOU to talk to them -- and on a regular basis.


    Then volunteer.


    Qualifications to be a state coordinator:

    1 - Be a current, dues-paid national LP member.
    2 - Be a current, dues-paid state LP member.
    3 - Donate $100 or more of at least $10/month in dues to the LPRC (see http://www.lpradicalcaucus.org/voting).

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