Our Mission

In 2016, your dues helped fund multiple radical candidates at an aggregate total of $2,208.71, and in 2017 we funded candidates for a total of $1,500.00.  This means since we formally organized in 2016 we have given $3,708.71 to candidates!

Welcome to the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus! We are a group of self-identified radicals working within the membership of the Libertarian Party (LP) who support the re-radicalization of the LP; and further to promote a clear, radical vision of libertarianism through education and electoral advocacy both within the LP and outside of it.  

We exist to celebrate and promote the Radical tradition of American Libertarian thought, to help Libertarians mature as critical thinkers when faced with doubts about the Radical Libertarian agenda, and to equip them for their efforts to reintroduce and promote radicalism within the Libertarian Party and among the general public. The LPRC endorses the Libertarian Party's Statement of Principles and the Non-Aggression Principle.

We seek a world set free in our lifetimes; no more, no less. Radical Libertarians seek a time of advancing liberty and retreating government; we seek a growing, successful Libertarian Party that is capable of winning the hearts and minds of millions of people over to liberty and justice.

The LPRC will not shy away from speaking from the "root" of libertarian thought. We believe it is futile to make Libertarian ideas "non-threatening" in order to placate the enemies of liberty. Our ideas are going to be scary to many who have considered neither their proven history nor their logical sense. Abolishing slavery was a scary thought to many in the 1800's; and the abolition of other unjust government policies now is no different. We will always seek to treat individuals as intelligent (if perhaps stubborn), competent individuals, and thus we will not fear presenting them with the "scary" libertarian ideas we have available. They must decide for themselves. Some may take years to adopt them; many will never adopt them -- but their children might.

Only by treating individuals as intelligent adults will libertarianism ever succeed over the long term. While the LPRC commits to speaking for a bold, consistent, and radical libertarian agenda, we make an effort to see moderate Libertarians as our allies, not enemies. We will NOT waste time and energy and goodwill attacking them. We will fight beside them for as far as they are willing to go and be glad for the help.


  • Caucus Notices

    Notice of 2019-10-20 LPRC Board Meeting

    The LPRC Board of Directors will hold a regular meeting  on Sunday, October 20, 2019 at 8:00PM ET.

    The meeting will be conducted through the Zoom! interface.  Members of the LPRC are encouraged to attend - log in information is below.  Non-members will be disconnected from the meeting unless there is unanimous consent of all members present to allow attendance and observation by any non-member.

    'Members' are those signed up through our website:


    A copy of the preliminary agenda is HERE.

    Previous meeting minutes can be found HERE.

    NOTE: This notice is posted here on our website as well as our public Facebook page.

    Log in at https://zoom.us/j/261719416

    Call in at 1-646-876-9923, meeting ID 261719416. 

    [REMINDER: LP Radical Caucus Board meetings are open to LPRC **MEMBERS**. Nonmembers who attempt to log in will be disconnected unless the Members give their permission for a non-member to observe.]

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    2019 Annual Member Meeting

    The Libertarian Party Radical Caucus (LPRC) will be gathering online via Zoom for its annual Member Meeting on Saturday, August 31, 2019, beginning at 1:00 pm Eastern.

    Click this link to download the Proposed Agenda.  Within that Agenda, you will find additional links to the Platform Committee Report, as well as links to the current Platform and Bylaws, and other supporting documents.
    All LPRC Voting Members are eligible to vote at any LPRC Member Meeting, pending their LP membership credentials check.
    The individuals listed below are paid-up (in excess of the minimum $100 dues) Voting members.  The acting Secretary may well have missed someone, so please check for your name and let us know if you think you should be listed as well.
    Submitting your Libertarian Party membership credentials is E-Z.
    If you:
    a) plan to attend the meeting, and
    b) wish to be able to vote, and
    c) would like to get your state & national LP membership credentials out of the way early...
    ... then do the following:
    1) Scan your national LP membership card -- or your LPNews newsletter, and
    2) Anything indicating your paid-up state party dues (assuming your state has dues -- a scan of your latest donation receipt to your state party will do it), and
    3) Send the scan via email to: Board@LPRadicalCaucus.org.
    [NOTE: Musical notes ♫ before any name indicates that person has already submitted their LP membership proofs.]
    ♫ Arnold, Tom - TN
    Barnhart, Dean - KY
    Boss, Nicholas - OK
    Burns, Thomas - MT
    Campbell, Japheth - MO
    Cardwell, Derek - GA
    ♫ Davis, Chris - VA
    Dehn, Joe Joe Dehn - CA
    Demarest, David Pratt - NE
    Fryar-Frazier, Davon - VA
    Gholston, James - TX
    Gingell, Mary - CA
    Harris, Eric Eric Harris - IN
    ♫ Hogarth, Susan - NC
    Hoggard, Randy - NC
    Jascob, John - MI
    Kelly, Kenny - NH
    Kerner, Michael - KS
    ♫ Lewis, Daniel - TN
    ♫ Loesche, Jonathan - FL
    Lutz, Daniel - CO
    ♫ Montoni, Marc - CO
    Ruff, Kim Kim Ruff - AX
    Smith, Courtney -NV
    Spragins, Cisse - MO
    Stapleton, Michael - CO
    Stratton, Rob - WA
    Sullivan, John - MN
    ♫ Sweeney, Shane - SC
    Taylor, Zachary - NE
    Watts, Jon - AK
    NOTE: If you do not see your name on the above list, but you believe you have contributed at least $100 within the year prior to June 2, 2019 (the cutoff date), you may either log in to your LPRadicalCaucus.org account and look at your donation history, or just write me and I can fire up the database and look over your record.
    The meeting will take place via the "Zoom" interface.   Log into Zoom via this link, or call in at 1-646-876-9923, meeting ID 261719416.
    A copy of the preliminary agenda is here.
    NOTE: LP Radical Caucus meetings are open to LPRC MEMBERS.  Nonmembers who attempt to log in will be disconnected.
    The first notice was published on the LPRC "brand" page, in May.

     - end -


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  • From the blog

    Notice of 04-21-2019 LPRC Board Meeting

    The next meeting of the LPRC is scheduled for Sunday, April 21, 2019 at 8:00PM ET. Meeting will be conducted through the Zoom! interface. Members of the LPRC are encouraged to attend - log in information viewed below. Non-members will be disconnected from the meeting unless there is unanimous consent of all members present to allow attendance and observation by any non-member.

    'Members' are those signed up through our website:


    A copy of the preliminary agenda is here.  Previous meeting minutes can be found here.

    LPRC Board Meeting 
    Sun, April 21, 2018 at 8pm ET

    Log in at https://zoom.us/j/261719416
    Call in at 1-646-876-9923, meeting ID 261719416.

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    Volunteer Invitation: LPRC Secretary

    If you have been thinking of getting more involved in the Radical Caucus, we have a golden opportunity: We need a Secretary!

    Kim Ruff has been serving as our secretary for a few months, but as her campaign for PRESIDENT (!!) heats up, she needs to focus on it, so she has stepped aside for someone who can concentrate on the job.

    Our next meeting is scheduled for next Sunday, March 17, beginning at 8:00 pm Eastern.  At that time, the Board will be considering volunteers to serve as the Secretary.

    [Other offices may also be considered also, as all officer appointments are at-will and a motion to assign a new officer can be made in any Board meeting.]

    Here is the full meeting announcement.

    All officer positions were fully intended to rotate frequently among LPRC membership. The LPRC Bylaws were written that way on purpose.  In the LPRC, the Board is the entity that makes decisions, as opposed to any one officer.

    Here is what our Bylaws say about officers, with the subsection about the chair's position:

    C. Board Officers

    The Board may appoint Officers, such as a Board Chairman and others, as needed. Examples of other positions may include Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers shall serve at the pleasure of the board and may be replaced at any time. There shall be no set term. New appointments to officer positions including chair may be made at any Board meeting by a simple majority vote.

    Being appointed to a Board Officer position does not confer voting rights. Unless a Board Officer is also a Director, the Officer does not have a vote.

    3. Duties of the Secretary

    The Secretary shall take and distribute minutes of all Board meetings and of all LPRC general meetings at which official Party business is conducted. The Secretary shall be responsible for official LPRC correspondence as is required. The Secretary shall maintain a register of LPRC non­-voting, Annual, and Permanent members and shall be responsible (in coordination with the Treasurer) for insuring the accuracy and completeness of all LPRC membership and mailing lists. If the Chairman and Vice Chairman are not present at a meeting, the Secretary shall perform the duties of Chairman In addition, the Secretary shall carry out such other duties as may be requested by the Board.

    A Secretary's primary goal should be to ensure that the Party's records have their i's dotted and their t's crossed.  Think you can help with those functions?

    Want a nice title to impress your friends?

    Then consider volunteering to become the Secretary of the LP Radical Caucus.

    Attend the meeting on March 17, 2019.  Hope to see YOU there!

    # 30 # 30 # 30 #

    Vote Libertarian * 800-ELECT-US * http://www.LP.org
    Written March 2019 for use by the LP Radical Caucus.  According to current law, the copyright holder is automatically author Marc Montoni.  Radicals want copyright abolished.  Ergo, this work is hereby released to the public domain, so, no -- you can't republish it then claim copyright on it, beefcake.

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