LPRC Agenda


relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.

a person who advocates thorough or complete political or social reform; a member of a political party or part of a party pursuing such aims.

The Radical Caucus is the keeper of the fundamental message of liberty within the Libertarian Party. We seek to be the counterweight against the forces that would dilute that message with politics as usual. We aim to keep the Libertarian Party both principled and relevant. We believe that people seek out the Libertarian Party, not because they want a less awful version of the parties they left behind, but because they are looking for a breath of fresh air; the fresh air of liberty. We don’t believe in half measures or cosmetic change. We demand nothing less than the complete and uncompromising reform of the repressive and violent state that America has become. We demand the restoration of liberty, unlimited and undiminished, to the people of this country. We are radicals, and we will settle for nothing less.  This does not mean we will not accept any true increment to liberty; it does mean we will not make any increment our ultimate goal, nor will we be satisfied until we achieve a world set free. Come be radical with us.

TLDR; We support the re-radicalization of the LP; and further to promote a clear, radical vision of libertarianism through education and electoral advocacy both within the LP and outside of it.  


The following is meant in jest, otherwise known as humour.

Use our sheer force of will and awesome radicalness to delete the letters "G," "O," and "P" from the Platform.

The very fact that we give lip service to the enemies of freedom in the very fabric of our Platform is shocking and typical of "Big Party" lolbertarian thinking.  It turns our political process into some type of bizarre game of "hide the elephant."  There is already a perfectly reasonable process for being a Republican that doesn't require this complicated and secretive infiltration.  Additionally, removing these particular letters is harmless to the Platform.  They are redundant, smelly, and only serve to reassure the paranoid alphabet purists.  Showing our radically radical radicalness in this way serves absolutely no purpose but does show how silly omitting useful things are is an agenda item.