LPRC Leadership

At-Large Members:

  • Susan Hogarth
  • Marc Montoni
  • James Gholston
  • Starchild


  • Chair: Marc Montoni, PO Box 1392, Clifton CO  81520-1392.  Visit me on Facebook.  Phone: 804-592-6066.  Email: Board[@]LPRadicalCaucus.org (remove the [] brackets).
  • Vice Chair: Tarnell Brown Email: Board[@]LPRadicalCaucus.org (remove the [] brackets).
  • Treasurer:  Steve Scheetz
  • Secretary: Kim Ruff, 15818 N. Hidden Valley Lane, Peoria, AZ 85382. Phone: 623-341-6796. Email: Board[@]LPRadicalCaucus.org (remove the [] brackets).

State Coordinators:

Alabama Richard Fast   Facebook Group , Facebook Page
Alaska VACANT   Facebook
Arizona Kim Ruff   Facebook
Arkansas VACANT   Facebook
California Joe Dehn   Facebook Group , Facebook Page
Colorado VACANT   Facebook group , Facebook Page
Connecticut VACANT    
Delaware VACANT    
Florida VACANT   Facebook
Georgia Tarnell Brown   Facebook
Hawaii VACANT    
Idaho VACANT    
Illinois VACANT    
Indiana VACANT   Facebook
Iowa VACANT    
Kansas Bowen Chapel   Facebook group
Kentucky VACANT    
Louisiana VACANT   Facebook
Maine VACANT    
Maryland VACANT    
Massachusetts VACANT    Facebook
Michigan VACANT    Facebook
Minnesota John Sullivan    Facebook
Mississippi VACANT    
Missouri VACANT    
Montana VACANT    
Nebraska David Demarest    Facebook
Nevada VACANT    
New Hampshire VACANT    
New Jersey VACANT    
New Mexico VACANT    Facebook
New York VACANT    
North Carolina VACANT    Facebook
North Dakota VACANT    
Ohio VACANT    
Oklahoma VACANT    Facebook
Oregon VACANT    
Pennsylvania VACANT    Facebook
Rhode Island VACANT    
South Carolina Shane Sweeny    Facebook
South Dakota VACANT    
Tennessee Tom Arnold    Facebook
Texas Ben Leder    Facebook
Utah VACANT    
Vermont VACANT    
Virginia Chris Davis    Facebook
Washington Rob Stratton    Facebook group
West Virginia VACANT    
Wisconsin Nathan Gall    Facebook
Wyoming VACANT    
Washington, D. C. VACANT    



Bylaws Committee:  Marc Montoni, Ben Leder, David Pratt Demarest, Tarnell Brown, Tom Arnold.

  • [Committee must be appointed by October of each year]

Platform Committee: Joe Dehn (Chair), Richard Fast, Starchild, Tiffany Diaz De Leon, Ben Leder.

  • [Committee must be appointed by October of each year]

Endorsements Committee:  Ben Leder (Chair), David Pratt Demarest, Joe Dehn

2020 Convention Committee: Nathan Gall (Chair), Keith Thompson

In-Kind Committee: John Sullivan (Chair), Susan Hogarth

Outreach Committee:  Susan Hogarth (Chair), David Demarest

You may contact the Board at Board@LPRadicalCaucus.org