Tri-Fold Handout (black and white)

Tri-Fold Handout (full colour- we have separate image files if needed)

LPRC Platform

Welcome to the Libertarian Party Rack Card (front)

Welcome to the Libertarian Party Rack Card (back)

Every movement needs a North Star Rack Card (front)

Every movement needs its North Star Rack Card (back) 

Facebook Cover Photo 

Banner Images for Outreach

These images are just for viewing, high-resolution files for printing on banner-scale (vertical and horizontal) are available by writing

Horizontal (2ft x 6ft)

Vertical (35in by 82in)

Statement of Principles (vertical 36in x 72in)- Contact us for a .tiff image file, this is just a preview

Logo Files

Upward Arrow Logo Only (Transparent Background) 

LPRC Text plus Upward Arrow (Transparent Background)

LPRC Text plus Upward Arrow (Black Background)

Sign-Waving (Yard Signs)

Taxation is Theft

Popular Memes

There's No Government Like No Government

There's More Than One Way to be a Libertarian

The Unstated Idea is Never Realized

Obamacare Can Die in a Fire

Freedom > Tyranny

Pro-Choice on Snorting Bath Salts

Interracial Trouple

Magazine or Brochure Advertisement 

We'll Keep the Light Shining for You

Button Sheets (2⅜ Badge-A-Minit size- some meant to use transparency for white areas and pointed on yellow paper - so some basic image editing skills needed)

Button Template

Peace sign, The State Sucks, Taxation is Theft, The Libertarian Wing, Already Against the Next We, LPRC Logo

Radical, The State Sucks, Abolish All the Things, Legalize Cocaine, Deregulate Everything, I Heart Theft-Free Roads

Taxation is Robbery, Rothbard's Button, Less Marx More Mises, Really Libertarian, Statue of Libertarian on AnCap, this Libertarian

I Heart Theft-Free Roads, NAP, Inflation is Theft, SOP, Legalize Heroin, I'm on top of the (Nolan) Chart

LGBT Rainbow with LPRC Logo



Radical Caucus Icon