2020-05-13 Board Meeting

Please join your fellow Radicals for a Special Meeting on Wednesday, May 13 at 8pm Eastern, to help us consider our rankings of the current LP presidential and vice presidential candidates.

This meeting is being called pursuant to the Radical Caucus bylaws, Section 4, Part E, Subsection 2, which specifies the call must be made by at least 3 Board Members.  In this case, those calling for the meeting are Richard Fast, Joe Dehn, James Gholston, Anna Sofia Canetti, and Aaron Ramos.

The meeting will be conducted through the Zoom! interface.

NOTE: Board members, please finish President and Vice President survey forms by Tuesday, May 12 by 8pm Eastern. One hour later, all LPRC board members will be given the data to analyze prior to the Wednesday meeting.

The Zoom meeting number is 261 719 416.

To phone in, the call-in number is 1-646-876-9923

To connect via the Web, visit https://zoom.us/j/261719416

Only members of the Radical Caucus may attend.  Those who are not members may attend with unanimous consent of the Voting Board members; others will be disconnected.

Thank you for your attention!