Reports Posted for 2023 Membership Meeting

The LPRC Annual Membership Meeting will be held at Noon Pacific time (3 pm Eastern time) on June 25, 2023 via Zoom. At this meeting, among other things, we will be considering the reports of the 2023 Platform and Bylaws Committees.

The current Platform (the basis for the proposed Platform changes) can be viewed online at

The Platform Committee report can be viewed online at LPRC Platform Report 2023.

The current Bylaws (the basis for the proposed Bylaws changes) can be viewed online at

The Bylaws Committee report can be viewed online at LPRC Bylaws Report 2023.

If you cannot access these links and would like to receive a copy of any of these documents via email, please let us know.

LPRC Voting Members, please plan to attend the Annual Membership Meeting. See Bylaws Section III A 1 to determine if you are eligible to vote at the meeting. [Non-voting members are also welcome to attend.] Please read the Platform and Bylaws documents and be prepared to discuss and vote on the proposals presented by the two committees.

After these reports are dealt with at the meeting, additional proposals may be considered if there is time. However, according to our Bylaws, any Bylaw or Platform proposal to be considered must be published to the membership 30 days prior to the meeting. Please send any such proposals with the exact language you plan to propose to Joe Dehn (Platform) or Mary Gingell (Bylaws) by May 24th so we can provide 30-days notice to the membership of your intention to raise your proposal at the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you on Zoom on June 25th.

Joe Dehn
Platform Committee Chairman
[email protected]

Mary Gingell
Bylaws Committee Chairman
[email protected]