Notice of Membership Meeting

The Libertarian Party Radical Caucus will be hosting its annual Membership Meeting for all voting members on Saturday, June 24, 2017.  The meeting will be held online via web conferencing service, Zoom.

The Membership Meeting will be called to order at 2:00pm (14:00) EDT. It will be conducted in two sessions, each lasting two hours long, with a 30-minute recess between sessions. During this meeting, the Caucus will hear the report of the 2016-17 Platform Committee and consider amendments to the LPRC Platform. The meeting agenda also includes a variety of topics related to Caucus strategy, messaging, and the work of our various subcommittees. 

All Radical Caucus members are encouraged to attend. Those classified as “voting members” will be eligible to vote on motions and business put forth during the meeting. Voting members are required to maintain membership in National and respective State parties and may be asked to provide supporting evidence.  The LPRC Convention Planning Committee proposed a set of standing rules that govern various aspects of the meeting. Please take a minute to review these rules ahead of time.

In order to attend the meeting you are required to register in advance with the Zoom web conferencing service.  Registration is open NOW.  Upon registration you will be emailed a unique invitation that must be used to join the meeting and validate your identity on the day of the Membership Meeting.  Please protect the confidentiality of the link provided to you after registration.  The Credentials Officer will report a list of members qualified to vote at the start of the meeting and will announce an updated list at half hour intervals.



Convention pre-registration with Zoom

Convention Agenda

Platform Committee report

Convention Standing Rules

Convention Procedures