Notice of Available Officer and Committee Seats

The Libertarian Party Radical Caucus (LPRC) is seeking interested, qualified members of our caucus who are willing to take on leadership roles and fulfill the requirements of these positions for an indeterminate length of time. 

Periodically, the Board (i.e., our two Founding Members, two elected At Large Representatives, and the existing roster of State Coordinators) will appoint individuals to serve as officers (e.g., Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer) to carry out the duties outlined in our bylaws, Section 4(C)(1-4). 

These positions were not designed to be permanent or term-based. Rather, they were meant to be held for limited periods of time on a rotating basis to allow our members an opportunity to cut their teeth on these different types of officer positions in order to prepare them for similar roles within the Libertarian Party at the county, state, or national levels. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in learning what it's like to conduct a meeting using parliamentary procedure, take professional meeting minutes, or the requirements of accounting compliance.

For more information on the requirements of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasury as outlined in Sections 4(C)(1-4) of our bylaws, go here

In addition to these officer positions, we also have opportunities for individuals wishing to take on the roles of Political Director, Membership Director, Communications Director, and Chair of the Outreach Committee. Their duties are, as follows: 

Political Director - interface with candidates and help guide the overall strategy of the LPRC.

Membership Director - Coordinator with Secretary and Treasurer to ensure members are appropriately credentialed and up-to-date on dues. 

Communications Director - Responsible for drafting and disseminating press releases, blog posts, content on our Facebook brand page, press statements, and the overall message of the LPRC. 

Chair of Outreach Committee - Manages a team of 3-4 members and is responsible for crafting and successfully implementing a plan to engage and educate a wider audience and expand the sphere of influence the LPRC has. 


If you are interested in throwing your hat in the ring for one or more (or all!) of these available positions, be it now or at a later date, please contact us at 

There's always opportunities to participate and get involved -- be radical with us!