Member Recommendations for Existing LPRC Platform

As many of you are aware, the LPRC appointed a Platform Committee, chaired by Colorado State Coordinator, Caryn Ann Harlos, to review the LPRC Platform drafted and adopted by our members in 2016. 

Since its inception, the Platform Committee has had only one goal: to act as a functional Copy Editor by correcting punctuation, grammar, and syntax, and ensuring fluidity of thought and content. 

The Platform Committee is nearing the end of its assignment and will be meeting on March 04, 2017 at 10pm EDT to review their edits, en toto, and workshop their final report to submit to our membership at our upcoming Digital Convention (tentatively slated for May of 2017, specific date / time TBD by the Convention Planning Committee.) 

Prior to this meeting, the Platform Committee is reaching out to our members to solicit them for any additions, revisions, or recommendations they might have regarding existing (or even non-existent) planks on the LPRC's platform. 

If you have any recommendations for additional planks or suggests regarding existing planks, please let us know by emailing your recommendations to in advance of the Platform Committee's March 04, 2017 meeting. 

As always, the Platform Committee meeting is open to all of our membership, so if you wish to join in and share your recommendations then, email to ensure you get a copy of our Citrix GoToMeeting log-in credentials. 

For copies of previous minutes and discussions held by the Platform Committee, go here